Assemblage - Collage print series by Frank Turek

About the assemblage-collage prints

When my monthly mailart series of postcards had ended (August 2004 - October 2005) I thought that I would to put out a print edition of each post card image. The prints are the same size as the original postcards. And in the process of issuing all 15 postcards I also included a few alternate images that were never included in the mail art project. All of the prints use archival quality pigment inks are on Somerset 100% cotton acid free paper. There was no digital manipulation of the image other than cropping and resizing and color balancing the exposure during the printing process.

assemblage-collage print portfolio by Frank Turek

The prints are no longer being offered singly but there are still some complete portfolios of all 17 prints which come with the text from the original mail art postcard. The print portfolio is available for purchase exclusively through this studio. Please contact soon if interested.

Artwork featured in this web gallery:

    the following pieces are available for purchase. Please contact if interested.
  • Rhapsody in Spleen (inside view)
  • about striving
  • pluck
  • How to destroy the World
  • The Suppositions
  • course
  • Mr. Fly's Anxiety
  • fight or flight
  • Why somethings are lost and sometimes found
  • The third day
  • Thinking & Feeling
  • The Perfect Insect
  • bound
  • when the time comes
  • The Last Tumbril
  • A piece,a part, a pretty
  • The Benevolence of an Underground Economy